Best Hajj and Umrah Packages from USA & E Visa

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Sayyad Travel USA provides  Umrah visa only, Cheap Umrah Packages

from USA United States, Cheap

umrah Visa, hajj Packages, Five star hotels in Clock Tower, Air Ticket, GMC transport and Assistance in Makkah N Madina & other facilities.  Our memorable Cheap Umra Package, are best & comfortable.

Now we are providing umrah Visa Online you dont need to send the passport. Umrah Visa give you a freedom of choice. Our fast online Umrah visa service give you a peace of mind to travel to Makkah  and to get Hotels/ Air ticket, and Transportation as your want.

Saudi Government imposed a Riyal 2000 to the pilgrims who will travel second time.

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Best Umrah N hajj Package and Saudi EVisa from United


Umrah Group Package from all UNITED STATES,  

Availability : 01 Nov to 

15 APRIL 2021

 Umrah  Package,               

2 nights in a 3 star hotel with Visa.  

  A1.      Single  $.800 per person,

  A2.      Double $.700 per person

  A3.      Tripple $.650 per person

  A4.      Quad   $.550 per person

 Umrah Travel,    

6 nights in a 4 star hotel with visa

   B1.     Quad      $.500 per person

   B2.     Double    $.800 per person

   B3.     Tripple    $.800 per person

   B4.     Single     $.1000 per person

   Discount Available

Umrah Visa Fees,     550

6 nights in a 5 star hotel with visa

   C1.     Quad      $.1600 per person

   C2.     Tripple    $.1800 per person

   C3.     Double    $.2000 per person

   C4.     Single     $.2200 per person

   Discount Available


Sayyad Travel USA is an Umrah and Hajj Travel Agent of United States. Our memorable umrah and hajj tour packages for 2021 are available here to spread your voice in the universe as (  "Labayk Allahumma Labayk Labayk. La shareeka laka Labayk. Innal hamda wannimata laka wal mulk. La shareeka Lak"  as meanning,  Here I am at your service, oh lord, here i am- here i am. No Partner do you have. Here I am. Truly, The prays and the favor are yours, and the Dominion. No Partner do you have)

These are the words that chants by approximately sixty million people every year in the Makkah.  The Pilgrims pull like a magnet to one single spot at the Universe. Since 14 century, muslim pilgrims gathers in Makkah to Perform Umrah and Hajj as ritual from Mohammad PBUH held in the last visit to Makkah.

This callaed Hajj, That is fifth Pillar of Islam.and most significant and manifestation of Islamic faith and unity. Hajj is a duty to All Muslim who is financially and physically able to travel to Makkah. 


Madina Package

VIP        $2200- only

Hotel 200 Mtr

Makkah Package

VIP   $2200-to 2500 only

Hotel 200 Mtr

4 P Accomodation

We provide you VIP umrah facility in 3 star accommodation packages.

$1600- only

We provide hotel only on walking distance from 300 to 800 meters from 15th october to 10th december

Competitive Umra Cost  included  Hotel, Saudi Umrah E Visa, Local Transport only

Availability : 01 Nov 2020 to 15 APRIL 2021

Umra Packages,                          

  D1.  10 nights in a 5 star hotel.          Quad   

    VIP Package for Umra, custom          $.2200     Hotel close to haram.          Hotels are 0-300 Mtrs Close to          harram.

 Umra Pkg,

  D1.  10 nights in a 3 star hotel.         Quad   

 VIP Package for Umra, custom     $.1200      travel dates. Hotel close to haram.                Hotels are 0-800 Mtrs Close to harram. 

   Special Information

  All above prices are subject to 90 days prior  booking. 

 0R Call for best Custom family program.


Syed Ali Imran


Syed Rizwan Allah

Manager Saudia is urdu and english speaking N well mannered person. He alwasys try to do the best for our pilgrims. Still He has all 5 Star.

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We serve our client through Umrah visa online N Cheap Umrah Packages, umrah visa fees, comfortable N cheap hajj packages from usa 2021. We also Presenting soon some specific umrah Packages and Saudi Visa from United States and around the world.  Many Umrah and Hajj Travel Agent are Getting With us wholesale Umrah Visa and Hajj Packages along with other travel services from above mentioned States and Cities, like new york, chicago, houston, dallas, virginia, washington, dc.

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