Affordable Hajj Packages 2022

Comfortable Hajj 2021 Program By Sayyad Travel

Hajj Package USA 2022. VIP Hajj Madina Early Bird

No. H 101  Quad Rupple                     $9999.00      Great Price: $12,699.00 

With Mina Accomodation 

Price included all Taxes Fees and Qurbani

Expected Departure: July 13th to July 05th      (Itinerary for your convenience)

Madina First.

We are providing you here Madina First. You go first Madina for Doing Pray, visit Ziarat, and preparation for Hajj.

We are providing Hotels and facilities as follows:-

Madinah Hotel

5 star hotel Province Al Sham Madina just on two minutes walk to Haram along with Very good breakfast and Dinner.( 4 days Stay from 01 Zilhajj to 05 ZilHajj

Makkah Hotel / Accommodation

Sayyad Hotel/Building in Makkah for your Extra Comfort along with very good breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. ( from 6 Zilhajj to 13 Zilhajj. You can keep the room in Hajj time too. This is for your extra comfort and safety for your laugage. This accommodation will provide you a best point to relaxe after a long walk.  from 06 Zilhajj to 12/13 ZilHajj 

Makkah Hotel

Swissotel Al Muqam in Clock Tower just two minut walk away from Masjid Al Haram along with very good and delicious Breakfast. The delicious Dinner at assorted Restaurent in Clock Tower with multiple Choices. )(4 days stay, 13 ZilHajj to 17  ZilHajj) 06/07 August


North American A/C Temperature controlled with sheet rock tents about 1.5 mile from Jamarat, alongwith Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and all the day Cold drink, Tea, Coffee, Chocolate. ( during 5 days Hajj 08 Zilhaj to 13 Zilhaj According to the Hajj Ministry Rule. )


Travel Agent must buy the Ground Transportation Services From Ministry of Hajj approved System for their all Pilgrims, from AirPort To Air port. But We always book the upgraded ground Transportaion from approved Ministry of Hajj System. This is Saudi Rule. 

Imam/Religious scholar will accompany the group. Hajj training seminar and webinar will be held before  Hajj trip, also during the hajj we will provide you information about the process and next steps.

  Free hajj Books, backpack, women Hijab and men Ehram towels.

  Services and Foods included in this Package

  Breakfast/dinner buffets in Makkah and Madinah hotels.

  Breakfast, and dinner 5 days of Hajj in Mina tents.

  Hajj coordinator and scholar (Shaykh) for guidance.

  Experienced office staff who manage the Groups and take care the     Pilgrims.

Ground staff for assistance throughout the trip.

Hajj seminars online/in-person, PDFs and a guidebook


Educational training and books before you depart

Ihram (for men) and pilgrim’s Hijab (for sisters) / Backpack, shoe bag/ Personalized ID badges

Departure Ports

Departure from Newyork / Washington DC. departure from Other air

ports May cost may be deffer.

Our All above Prices are based on Quade Occpancy or more and

Departure from Washington DC/ New   York and Chicago airport

through avaialble Airline Turkish / Saudia, Egypt, Kawait

Travel Dates 

July 23/06th to August 19th

Please note: departure and return date may be vary +1/-1 day

depending Islamic Calander

Book Now This Special hajj Package

We have limited seats available so act now. Price subject to change without prior notice unless you already booked it with your deposit.
A deposit of $2000/person is required. Remaining full amount to be paid by end of Apri 2021. Applying after April 30th Required full payment is required

Price Excludes

Nothing is Excluded. All Fees and Qurbani/Zabiha is included.

Domestic flights to international gateways

Price on accommodation

$8699 / 4 in a room. for men and women rooms will be seperat

$9999 / 3  in a room                            for family

$12699 / 2 in a room                            for family

Extra for Early Bird $500

Important Note:

*Add on flights from cities other than New York, Washington & Chicago are available at additional prices. Please inquire before purchasing.

Note: Departure date may vary +/- 1-2 days depending on flight

schedule and without any prior notice. Hotel stay dates may vary +/- 1-2 days due to Islamic Hijri dates and moon sighting.

The Reality of Hajj Process (Pilgrime should know):

Due to huge rising number of pilgrimage every year in two holyities

of Saudi Arabia, it’s not possible to have everything on time and 0%

perfect according to our wish. Hajj is the biggest gathering on the

face of earth as well as a difficult worship. Allah Sub-hana-wa-Talah

has prescribed it to those who can financially and physically able to afford this. However the reward in result which Allah talah has

promised it, is nothing but “Jannah” and sin free like new born baby. You have to expect extremely hot weather,illness, high traffic, delays in transport arrival/departure, flight delays and sudden changes in schedule, airline carrier, accommodation or any unexpected situation beyond anyone’s control, Delays in food arrival in Mina and Arafat due to huge traffic around the Mina and city of Makkah. Sayyad Travel wants to be honest to tell you these facts so you can be prepared for this and do not blame to any one for any mishape.

Your travel package and services are non-refundable in any condition. you may Get Insurance. To Protect your Investment! A Travel Guard travel insurance plan can help cover your vacation Investment, offset expenses from unforeseen incidents and travel mishaps and provide you with emergency travel assistance. To learn more about all of the Benefits of purchasing a Travel guard travel insurance plan. 

Further Info

Please visit: www.travelguard.com

(Optional upgrade to VIP tents near Jamarat for additional $2000/person)



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