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Alkhidmat Tour provide the Hotel Infinity is a new build 5 Star Rating Facility property. Its Deliciuse Breack fast makes memory of the tour.

.The Ajwa Dates is grown up by the Mohammad Beace be Upon Him

We offer

Umrah Visa Provide you a freedom of choice to get Hotels, Air ticket, and Transportation.

We highly takecare of your Passport and other Info.

Visa $135 only

Ramadan Visa $300

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We provive you 5 star facility in 3 star accumodation packages.


We provide hotel only on walking distance from 0 to 800 meters



Syed Rizwan Allah

4605 Pine Crest Office Park

Suite. H,

Alexanderia VA 22312.

Ph:            703 955 4919

Toll free: 1 866 611 1130

Cell:            215 833 5598

Enjazit Application Process (Business/Visit Visa)
Sayyad Travel is Authorized agent to process the Umrah Visa for our valued clients and Travel Agents.
Requirement for business/Visit Visa

1. Valid Passport (6 month minimum)
2. Invitation Letter from your host (Issued by Ministry of Foreign affair Saudia, and Attested by Saudi Chamber of commerce ).
3. Two Passport Size Pics
4. Enjazit Visa Fees
5. Request on Letter head
6. Business Registration Certificate From State
7. Enjazit processing charges $150.00

1. No fee will be refund if Mofa Issued from Saudia.

2. Prices and rule may be change any time without prior any notice.
3. No Refund policy when the deal is done

Al Khidmat Tour Inc is Authorized agent to process the Umrah Visa for our valued clients and Travel Agents.

We always try to provide easy services and vast knowledge to our clients in respectable manner.

Al Khidmat Inc is only a bridge between our valued clients and Embassies. The Embassies or Consulates are real authorities to issue/refuse the Visa or validity.

Requirement for Umrah visa:

1. Valid Passport for 6 months minimum

2. Meningitis Certificate issued not over then 3 years

3. Two Passport Size Pics

4. Visa Processing Fees

5. Marriage Certificate (in case of marriage companion)

6. Birth certificate (in case of under 18 year companion)

7. Confirm Hotel Booking from From our Web Site.

8. Confirm Air tickets

  Visa Fee  $140.00  Ramadan $ 300.

Umrah Visa Information

Business Visa/ Enjaz  Fees