The Difference Between Contract, Part-Time and Full-Time Workers

Hourly employees typically work a preset schedule, then punch a time clock or use a timesheet to log hours. Salary employees might be paid a set amount per period, regardless of the exact number of hours they work. Either way, however, both employee types will receive their paycheck in accordance with a consistent weekly, bi-monthly or monthly schedule. We compared the 1099 vs W-2 forms, so you can quickly determine which you need to use and when to use it. Contract workers generally do not receive the same employment benefits as their full-time counterparts, such as health insurance, retirement savings plans, and paid vacation time.

As a 1099 contractor or if you are working under your own corporation you will need to account for these employer taxes which will be approximately 15%. Alice is a full stack developer who has just left a fulltime position where she was making 150K with 2 weeks vacation, medical benefits, 401K. She wants to figure out what her equivalent hourly rate would be as a contractor. A contractor contract vs full time and a company agree to a specified length of time during which a contractor will provide his full potential to a specific job. This can range from a few months to a year, sometimes more, depending on the project requirement and mutual interests. From prescriptions to dental care, you’ll be operating without any benefits or advantages that come with working full-time for a company.

Advantages of Hiring Full-time workers

You can successfully build benefits and paid time off into your contracting rate and feel comfortable that your contracting gig will be at least equivalent to a fulltime salary plus benefits. Over the past few years, I’ve watched friends and colleagues get laid off from jobs they thought they’d be in for life. Layoffs and salary and benefit cuts are a reality in this economy and your future is tied closely to the fortunes of the company you’re working for. Assess your company’s financial health and find out where you really stand. However, consultants could be paid by consulting companies as full-time employees of those businesses.

  • This type of working relationship tends to be longer-term, with you as the employer continuously supervising the team member, directing and overseeing how their work is performed.
  • For most companies, not having to provide benefits, handling income taxes, or covering insurance and security is a profitable trade-off for higher rates of contractors.
  • Therefore, before accepting your next IT role, you must explore the advantages and disadvantages of full-time employment vs. contract employment to extract full potential out of your IT career.
  • The difference being that as a W2 employee the employer will withhold taxes and pay employer taxes.

You can attract young, mobile talent by offering temporary (and even off-site) employment opportunities. The differences between these types of employees typically lie in the additional benefits employers provide. Contractors can only work 1,040 hours (roughly 4 months) for any one employer each year. If you find a freelancer indispensable to your operations, consider offering them full-time or contract-to-hire employment. The report of Intuit 2020 says that by the end of the year 2020, 40% of US employees are working as contract workers.

What is Contract Work?

Hiring a contract employee can be beneficial financially in the short term. But, contractors may not have the same loyalty to the company that an employee would. While most people are familiar with full-time and temporary employment, we are beginning to see an increasing number of contract positions. More employers are embracing the concept of contract jobs because it’s cheaper and less risky for them. Contract jobs allow employers to try workers for a specific period, rather than commit resources to train and pay new employees. After all, training any new worker requires time and funds — and these are two things small-business owners don’t always have an abundance of on hand.

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